Can You Take a Vape Pen on a Plane 2022?

Can You Take a Vape Pen on a Plane 2022?

Can you take a vape pen on an airplane? The good news is that TSA has relaxed its enforcement of the rule slightly in recent years, so your chances of getting through with your e-cigarette intact are getting better every day. As vaping becomes more and more popular, this question will inevitably arise, so you’ll need to know the answer right away if someone asks you! Vape pens typically do not work on flights and most likely won’t work on trains or buses either. Your best bet is to check with the TSA before your flight to avoid any trouble, but it looks like it should be OK in the vast majority of cases. If you have any further questions about vaping on planes or anything else related to vaping, don’t hesitate to ask us! We’re always happy to help fellow vapers.

Can I bring my vape on a plane in 2022?

Yes, you can bring your vape pens with you when flying. As of 2020, the TSA has banned electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. This means that their use or possession is not permitted in any security checkpoint area, including but not limited to passenger checkpoints and baggage claim. The TSA defines vaporizers as any electronic cigarette that uses a heating element like an atomizer or coil to produce vapor from nicotine liquid. Vaporizers include devices such as e-pipes (also called electronic cigars) and e-hookahs. Vaporizers are not allowed in carry-on bags or checked bags. Electronic cigarettes are now only allowed in checked bags if the traveler declares them at the check-in counter and presents them for inspection before checking the bag at airport security. If these items are found inside a carry-on bag or a personal item, they will be confiscated and disposed of by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). If the person refuses to give up the device, they may be subject to additional screening measures including additional physical pat down, which could lead to missing their flight. There are no restrictions placed on battery chargers so long as they do not contain lithium ion cells; batteries themselves may not exceed 16 grams per cell.

How to pack e-vapes?

Vape pens are prohibited in carry-on baggage and checked baggage, both inside and outside of the bag. This includes e-cigarettes with built-in lithium ion batteries. The battery must be removed from the device before traveling. If an e-cigarette contains an integral lithium ion battery, it should be transported in carry-on or checked baggage only when the traveler has power to completely shut down all functions of the e-cigarette. Power can be interrupted by removing the battery from the e-cigarette; this is enough for TSA to allow the unit in carry-on or checked baggage. 

TSA accepts that if an e-cigarette was turned off during transit, they will not function as a threat and may be allowed onboard aircraft if they meet other requirements found in 14 CFR § 175.10(a). 

A pilot would likely consider any electronic cigarette with more than 1/2 inch of liquid present as too large to fit comfortably into the passenger’s mouth, even if securely packed in accordance with Section 3–3a(1) (3), which states that all liquids carried aboard aircraft shall comply with U.S. Department of Transportation regulations found at 49 C.F.R.

TSA Rules for Vapes

The TSA’s website says, You may bring your vaping devices with liquid or gel in them through the checkpoint when they are carried in a sturdy, sealed container. You will need to put them into a separate bin for X-ray screening. They are subject to the same screening as other liquids or gels. 

This seems to imply that it is okay to bring vapes through security if they are in an approved container. Additionally, it does not mention anything about being prohibited in carry-on baggage. However, many airline employees have interpreted this to mean that it is illegal and will confiscate vapes at the gate. At best, this could be considered a confusion over what TSA rules say about bringing a vape through security; at worst this could be interpreted as airlines trying to ban all vapor products from air travel because of the new tobacco policies coming out soon.

How to travel with a vape pen?

A vape pen is an electronic cigarette that vaporizes liquid nicotine. One of the most common questions people ask is Can I bring my vaping device or e-cigarette with me? Unfortunately, many airlines are starting to implement restrictions or bans on bringing these items onboard.

A few airlines have followed suit, and they will no longer allow vaping devices or e-cigarettes in carryon luggage or checked baggage due to safety concerns. However, there are still some airlines that allow vaping devices and e-cigarettes onboard but only if they are in the passenger’s possession and not in checked luggage. If you’re going to be flying with your vape pen then make sure it’s empty before going through security so the TSA agent doesn’t confiscate it and never give it back. If you want to keep your vape pen on you for the flight, pack it in a clear ziplock bag so TSA agents can see what’s inside. Airlines like JetBlue and Virgin America also permit one bagged item (no larger than 17 x 14 x 12 inches) that must fit under the seat in front of you, which means you could put your vape pen here without checking it. 

You’ll also need to fill out a Declaration Card when you check in online or at the airport kiosk declaring your intent to transport vaping liquids; some airports may even require passengers who plan on traveling with a refillable bottle of e-liquid to provide them with documentation proving its contents is less than 3 ounces per FAA regulations. If you’re packing batteries separately from any other electronics as suggested above, make sure not to forget this too!


It is important to know the rules and regulations of airports and airlines before traveling with any type of vaporizer. It is also important to know that most vaporizers are considered liquids, even if they don’t contain any liquid. Here are some common questions about flying with a vaporizer:

– Can I fly with my vaporizer? Yes, but only in your carry-on bag and it must be completely empty before going through security. You will not be able to bring your vape pen on the plane unless it meets all DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations for flammable liquids. These guidelines include meeting the following conditions: 

1) Flammable liquids are carried onto an aircraft by passengers or crew only when presented for check-in at an airport terminal, checked as baggage to be carried onto the airplane, or accepted as air cargo. 

2) Containers of flammable liquids may not exceed 3.4 ounces by weight or quart size by volume. 

3) Flammable containers have childproof caps and other safety closures/covers as required under 49 CFR 173.27.