How To Create Amazon Stealth Account?

How To Create Amazon Stealth Account?

How to create an Amazon account with no name, address, phone number, or any other personally identifiable information attached to it? This tutorial will teach you how to use the ultimate in online shopping privacy tools, the anonymizing tool Tor, to create an account with Amazon. As many readers of this article are no doubt aware, your personal information can be collected by Amazon and used against you when you order products from them . . . so what’s a guy or gal to do? You may have heard about Amazon’s Seller Central marketplace, which allows anyone to sell items on Amazon’s platform. The Seller Central accounts are straightforward, and everyone has access to them — even brands that you recognize from shopping in the real world can sell their goods on Amazon, if they want to. But what if you don’t want competitors seeing your sales, prices, or strategies? Here’s how to create an Amazon stealth account that won’t ever appear on search results!

What is an Amazon Stealth Account?

An Amazon Stealth Account is a way for sellers to hide their identities, contact information, and location from other sellers and buyers on the site. It is important to note that you cannot use an Amazon Stealth Account if you are selling in any of the following categories: Digital Purchases, Business & Industrial; Books, Music & Video Games; Home & Garden; Jewelry; Luggage & Travel Gear. However, if you sell in any of the other categories on Amazon then this is an option for you. In order to set up your Amazon Stealth Account, go to Seller Central and select the Manage Your Inventory tab. From there you will see two tabs titled Add New Product or My Inactive Products. Selecting either tab will provide instructions on how to proceed with creating your new product listing or reactivating one of your old ones respectively. For example, for inactive products it will say something like you can reactivate them by logging into your seller account from another browser window or computer or mobile device. So, click the Reactivate button and follow the directions. If you’re adding a new product, scroll down until you see Product Information.

Why Do You Need an Amazon Stealth Account?

An Amazon Stealth Account is a unique way of creating an Amazon Seller Account without the account being linked to your personal information. The main reason why you would want an Amazon Stealth Account is for security purposes. For example, if you have a private label and sell it on Amazon, then you would want the product reviews and feedback to be from real customers that aren’t associated with your personal identity. Another reason might be if you’re selling a product that’s exclusive to your company, but doesn’t exist in any physical store. This way people can’t just walk into your office and find out where you’ve been storing the products all along. Plus, if you have multiple employees, there are ways for each one to log into their own account so they don’t see what everyone else has purchased. You will also get access to seller-specific benefits, such as reports about how your items are doing in different geographic areas and much more. If you already know someone who has an Amazon Stealth Account or is willing to share theirs with you, then this post may not be necessary. But if not, here’s how you do it! 

How to Create an Amazon Stealth Account

Amazon has a way for sellers to make their listings private. This is not just for the person who created the listing, but also those who may purchase it. The process of creating an Amazon Stealth Account is relatively straightforward and can be done in just a few minutes. Here are some steps you can take in order to create an Amazon Stealth Account 

  • Go to your profile settings by clicking on Your Account on the top right corner of any page; 
  • Find Personalization Preferences on the menu bar at the left-hand side of the page that pops up; 
  • Click on Manage Personalization and scroll down until you see Private Sellers Listing Type; 
  • Choose Yes and then click Save. A pop-up will appear confirming the changes have been made. All items you list will now show as Private in the seller’s details box.Additionally, if a buyer purchases from you as a private seller, they won’t see your seller rating or comments from other buyers when deciding whether or not to buy from you. You’ll still be able to leave feedback about the buyer when you receive your item though.

How to Protect Your Stealth Amazon Account

Amazon sells many products. As a result, customers have the option to buy from Amazon or from a third-party seller on Amazon’s marketplace. Customers can also post their own items for sale on Amazon. When you sell an item through the official Fulfillment by Amazon program, you get all the benefits of being a registered seller on the website, including inventory management and shipping features. However, there are some drawbacks to this program as well: you pay $39.99 per month plus 15% of your net sales in order to use these features; your products are eligible for Prime offers; and you may be charged additional fees if people return your product or if you’re not selling enough units each month. Selling through Amazon’s Marketplace isn’t free either, but it does come with some notable advantages. For starters, listings don’t cost anything to set up and there is no monthly fee. You still need to manage your own inventory and fulfill orders yourself though. Furthermore, because Marketplace sellers aren’t technically Amazon merchants, they’re not able to offer Prime deals on their items (unless they offer Free Super Saver Shipping). If you’d like to take advantage of those perks without paying the high monthly fee that comes with registering as a merchant on Amazon, then consider creating a new email address and signing up for an individual seller account.


To create a new Amazon stealth account, first log in to your existing Amazon account. Then, click on the Your Account menu item and select Your Lists. Click on the Add List Item button and add an item that is not available for purchase on Amazon. Once you are finished adding items to your list, click the Save List button. Finally, go back to the Your Account page and select Sign Out. You should now be logged out of your old Amazon account. Log back into the newly created Amazon stealth account, go to the same Add List Item screen and start adding items to it until you have more than 10 items. 

There are many ways of creating an Amazon stealth account. You can also set up a free email address with Gmail or Yahoo, which would allow you access to their stores as well as an easy way of creating a list without actually having to sign in with any type of credentials. You can also use Tor browser (which will help protect your privacy) and then just search Amazon in the search bar within Tor browser when signing up for a new account.