Websites That Every Gamer Should Bookmark

Websites That Every Gamer Should Bookmark

Online gaming offers an incredible opportunity to hang out with friends, meet new people and share common interests – all from the comfort of your own home! However, if you’re new to the world of online gaming, it can be difficult to find the time-saving tools you need to have fun and build your social circle quickly and easily. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Use this list of websites every gamer should bookmark to create your very own personal gamer profile that will help you master online games in record time! Gamers are notorious for being glued to their computers and their gaming consoles, so it can be hard to get them away from their screens long enough to do anything else – like eat, sleep, or even breathe! Luckily, you can find all the information you need online; there are thousands of sites out there that cater specifically to gamers and help you get better at your favorite games. But when you’re trying to save time by surfing the web instead of playing with your friends or watching TV, how do you know which sites will be most helpful? Keep reading to find out about the best websites that every gamer should bookmark!

Video Game News

The biggest names in gaming journalism have websites that you should check out. Here are the top seven websites to bookmark, with a brief description of why they’re important:

Jez Corden

Corden writes reviews and critiques on games as well as interviews with developers. His reviews are especially worthwhile reading since he doesn’t like games that other people love and he loves games that most people hate. They provide a unique perspective on both new releases and long time classics.


This is one of the largest video game websites on the web and there’s more than just reviews here; IGN offers videos, podcasts, cheats, downloads and even its own convention called E3 for their readers to stay up to date on all things gaming related! Game Spot – Game Spot has also been around since 1996, so it has years of archives and info on older titles.


Kotaku bills itself as All Things Video Games so it covers everything from previews to opinion pieces and opinion pieces.


Polygon provides great coverage of smaller indie games alongside news from bigger publishers like Nintendo or Activision-Blizzard.


Destruction also provides coverage on big AAA titles, but it does so with an edgy style. There’s nothing wrong with being opinionated about what you enjoy playing and it brings a lot of life into their stories too! A recent review slammed Final Fantasy XV but praised Deus Ex: Mankind Divided; how cool is that?

Classic Gaming

The world of video games is a constant evolving entity that can sometimes be hard to keep up with. It’s also often difficult to get the information you want. There are many sites on the web that are great for finding video game reviews, but I’ve selected one of my favorites, Classic Gaming. If you’re looking for a website that has everything from console guides and walkthroughs to retrospectives on old school titles, then this is the place for you! You’ll find your favorite classic video games along with plenty of new ones. You’ll also find articles about consoles, companies and history surrounding some of the biggest names in gaming today. If you’re not sure where to go after all these years of playing different titles, check out the Classic Gaming page and see what they have to offer.


Rom Virtual Machines (RVMs) are designed to run programs and games written for one type of operating system on another. Rooms can be found for nearly every computer, game console, and handheld device made over the past few decades. You will have an easier time finding these downloads if you use a website that lists them by type. One such site is Imparadise, which offers RVM downloads for video game consoles like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or the Sega Genesis; for home computers like PCs running Windows or Macs running on Mac OS 9; and even for cellular phones from models as far back as Nokia Series 40 Symbian-powered devices. When downloading from Imparadise make sure you know what operating system your computer needs in order to emulate your desired game so that you download the appropriate ROM file for your device. There are other sites out there with ROM downloads too, but be careful about downloading anything else because some may come bundled with spyware or other harmful viruses.

Fan Games

Game Jam is one of the more popular sites for anyone who’s looking to make their own video game. It hosts a huge array of games in different genres and even lets users submit ideas to be made into playable games. All you have to do is write a description, some artwork, and the rules of your game and Game Jam will create it for you!

Although Game Jam focuses on making new games, Congregate has always been popular as a site to play user-generated games. You’ll find every kind of genre you could think of there and many original or indie titles as well. It’s updated regularly with new browser-based games and tons of videos showing people playing those games too!


No matter what game you’re into, there’s a community website out there that you need to be a part of. With everything from forums, blogs, strategies and more, here are a few of the best game websites to bookmark. 1) Roblox: This site is perfect for anyone looking to create their own games or visit games created by other people. Created by the developers at Roblox Corporation in 2006 and recognized as one of the largest user-generated content platforms available on computers today. The best part about this site is how active it is! There are millions of players who login daily and there is always something new happening with new updates coming out monthly! 2) Game FAQs: A video game walkthrough database where you can find information about thousands of different video games. It contains help files, reviews, cheat codes and more for every game imaginable – even old school ones like Super Mario Bros 3. 3) Reddit: They call themselves the front page of the internet because they aggregate all types of news stories around any topic imaginable. And because users can vote posts up or down based on interest, it makes navigating this site super easy! There are subreddits (topic-based communities within Reddit) that span just about every niche you could think up including gaming communities such as r/games.