What Is A Zip Code On a Gift Card?

What Is A Zip Code On a Gift Card?

What does the zip code do on the back of my gift card? The zip code on the back of your gift card is actually a security feature that helps protect your card from fraud, theft and unauthorized use by making sure it’s only being used in the state where it was purchased. When you register your card online, you enter your zip code along with other personal details, like your name and address, to confirm you are using it correctly. But what happens if you try to use a gift card with an invalid zip code? Can you return the goods purchased using that gift card? This article will help you find out what a zip code on a gift card means and how it affects your ability to use the gift card.

What zip code do you use when using a gift card?

A ZIP Code is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan and it’s basically just the postal code for your area. It’s important to note that not all countries use ZIP Codes, but in the US, they’re used by USPS as well as many other delivery services. When using a gift card, you’ll usually want to enter the ZIP Code of where you’re planning to spend it because this tells the retailer what store location can redeem it. For example, if you have a Starbucks Gift Card and you want to spend it at Walmart instead of Starbucks, then enter Walmart’s ZIP Code when prompted. Similarly, if you have a Nike Store Gift Card and want to spend it at Target, then enter Target’s ZIP Code. If you have a Macy’s Gift Card and want to spend it at Macy’s, then enter Macy’s’ ZIP Code. In some cases, you may need to input more than one ZIP Code. That’s because sometimes a merchant might sell in multiple regions or operate under different brands (e.g., Nordstrom Rack). In these cases, each region or brand will require its own unique zip code (e.g., Seattle-based Nordstrom operates stores under both Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack). 

If none of the above examples fit your needs, then we recommend calling customer service before purchasing any item with a gift card so they can help you figure out what zip code to input based on which store accepts it most frequently.

How do I find my zip code?

Before you can find your zip code, you’ll need to know the date of purchase. If you have the store receipt or transaction email, this information should be there. Otherwise, you may need to contact the store where it was purchased for more information. Once you know when and where it was purchased, open up Google Maps and enter in the address of your purchase location. Use the dropdown menu to select ‘street view’. This will take you to the exact spot where your card was sold so that you can see what kind of building it is. The street address is listed as well as the city and state (if not in New York City). The next thing to do is click on the arrow button that says Zoom out at the top left corner of Google Maps, which will show you an aerial map of all surrounding blocks with buildings labeled. You can now look for the name of your building by clicking through each block until you find it. The last thing to do is zoom back into street level using the same button, then click on your building’s address marker at ground level.

How do I use my zip code?

When you purchase a Visa or MasterCard gift card, the last four digits of the card are called the zip code. This number is important because it tells where you want your money to be delivered. For example, if I wanted my money delivered to my bank account, I would make sure my zip code ends in 0001. If I wanted to have it sent to my home address.

Another common question we get asked is whether you can use a Visa or MasterCard gift card like cash. The short answer is yes, but there are some restrictions involved. In most cases you need to enter your zip code as well as personal information when making a purchase with one of these cards; otherwise they might be declined. It’s also sometimes possible to find locations that will let you use them like cash without entering any personal information, but some retailers refuse all transactions by credit card. Some even require identification before allowing customers to use them at all—and others won’t accept them from people they haven’t dealt with before!

How can I use my zip code to get discounts?

  • Call the merchant and ask if they offer any discounts on gifts cards. You might get lucky and they will offer you something like 20% off your purchase. 
  • If you have a store near by, stop in and pick up something small that you can use your discount with. 
  • Shop online at places like Amazon, where often the discount will be automatically applied when purchasing items using gift cards so you don’t have to do anything to receive the discount! 
  • Stop by your favorite grocery store or drugstore and buy some items to go through your gift card balance – this way, you’re getting some groceries or medicine while also saving money!
  • Another option is to make it an experience. Book a hotel stay for you and your family to enjoy together, eat out at restaurants more often, take in all the fun things there are to see and do in your area (museums, parks, movies.
  • Consider giving someone else the gift of time: give them one of these ideas as a birthday present next year!


What does a zip code mean? A Zip Code is an identifier that the United States Postal Service uses to sort and deliver mail. It’s also known as the postal ZIP Code or the postcode in other countries. The US Postal Service wants to help you use your zip codes correctly so that they can save time and money! ZIP Codes are located on the back of every USPS Forever Stamp (the stamps with no value). They’re usually between 9-11 digits, but can sometimes be shorter. They may have both letters and numbers. There are two types: a 5 digit ZIP Code that refers to the general area, such as FL for Florida, KY for Kentucky, or CA for California; and a 9 digit ZIP+4 Code which has 4 digits plus an additional 5 digits referring to a smaller area within the larger general area.